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Eliminate rivets, screws, and spot welds

Automotive Products

Our double-sided, high performance adhesive tapes form a permanent tension-free bond and eliminate the need for rivets, screws, and spot welds, which can cause dimples. The tapes can be used to attach panels and join a variety of substrates together. They are suited for both interior and exterior applications and can be custom converted to various widths, lengths, and profiles.

Truck & Trailer

Steel to Aluminum? Steel to Steel? Powder-coated metals? If you haven’t tried our SilverTape® products to bond your trailer panels, roof sheets, and more, now’s the time to see what all the excitement is about. They offer multiple advantages, including:

  • Maintains smoothness in trailer sidewalls.
  • High impact resistance, even at temperatures below 32°F (0° C)
  • Noise Reduction
  • Resistant to wind & water, UV, aging, softening agents, and solvents.
  • Acts as a sealant and forms a permanent tension free bond.
  • Improved appearance
  • High initial tack and good plasticizer resistance
Unmatched Services and Expertise

Our Technical Solutions Team is on hand for support through the entire process and provides the knowledge and expertise needed to find the right fastening solution for your application. We provide custom converting services for all of our fasteners including cutting, rotary die cutting, slitting, custom packaging, and assembling (ultrasonic welding or sewing).

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