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Stock Programs

At FASTENation we understand the importance of effectively managing supply chain and the critical role it plays in supporting our customers. To ensure timely access to our products and services, we offer several stock programs to accommodate the purchasing needs of our customers.


Just In Time (JIT)

Just In Time (JIT) is an inventory management strategy that provides materials on an as-needed basis. By doing so, FASTENation can respond more quickly to changes in demand. We stock hundreds of domestic part numbers, including VELCRO® Brand products, 3M™ Dual Lock™, Silvertape™ high bond adhesive tapes, and many more, which are available in our warehouse and ready to ship within 24 hours. Expedited shipping is available on all of our products.


Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI)

Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) is a supply chain management strategy where FASTENation, in cooperation with our customer, will maintain preferred safety stock levels to meet ongoing demand when appropriate. VMI can help reduce costs as FASTENation can more accurately predict demand and adjust production levels accordingly. We will work closely with you to understand your inventory levels and ensure your required products are available to ship and deliver when you need them.


Blanket Purchase Order (BPO)

A Blanket Purchase Order (BPO) is an agreement between a buyer and a supplier that allows the buyer to purchase goods or services at pre-negotiated prices and terms. If you're purchasing in large quantities, FASTENation’s blanket order program will help reduce your costs and save time. We will have the products you need ready to ship out when you need them, removing the concern of long lead times, while freeing up space in your warehouse.

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