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Packaged Products


For smaller projects, our packaged products provide you with a simple, quick solution and allow you to purchase just the right amount.

  • VELCRO ® Brand ONE-WRAP® (Pro Series) / Velcro Fasteners

    VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® (Pro Series)

    VELCRO® Brand Professional Series ONE-WRAP® Tape is a self-engaging tape specifically designed for bundling and strapping materials. Fully adjustable and reusable, VELCRO ® Brand ONE-WRAP ® tape is an eco-conscious alternative to...

    $17.25 - $25.50
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  • 1" x 4" VELCRO® Brand Extreme Hook & Loop 5 Sets Per Package / Velcro Fasteners 1" x 4" VELCRO® Brand Extreme Hook & Loop 10 Sets Per Package / Velcro Fasteners

    VELCRO ® Brand Extreme Strips & Tapes

    VELCRO ® Brand Extreme Strips comprises aggressive molded hook and polyester loop. What makes these items so extreme is that they adhere to rough and porous surfaces. The adhesive is specially formulated for use on brick and concrete. They are...

    $3.65 - $18.05
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  • 5/8" VELCRO® Brand Circles Pack of 15 Hook & Loop Black / Velcro Fasteners 5/8" VELCRO® Brand Circles Pack of 15 Hook & Loop Beige / Velcro Fasteners

    VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back Circles Pack

    VELCRO® Brand STICKY BACK Hook and Loop Circles in small packages allow you to purchase just the right amount. These adhere well to plastic, wood, metal, poster board, cardboard, and more. Pre-cut parts are ideal for projects that require a...

    $2.65 - $9.12
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  • 3M™ Command™ Poster Strips

    3M™ Command™ Poster Strips

    3M™ Command™ Poster Strips have a strong hold and adhere to a variety of surfaces, including tile, wood, metal, and painted surfaces.  They remove cleanly with no holes, marks, sticky residue or stains...

    $2.95 - $319.25
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  • VELCRO® Brand Tree Ties / Velcro Fasteners

    VELCRO® Brand Tree Ties

    VELCRO® Brand Tree Ties secure bulkier plants, saplings, and fruit trees. The soft lining ensures the tie does not rub and cut into the stem and the cut-to-size roll means there is less waste. Tree ties are reusable and can be easily opened and...

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  • / Velcro Fasteners

    VELCRO® Brand Plant Ties

    VELCRO® Brand Plant Ties  offer a quick, easy-to-use solution for staking and training small, delicate plants or plants that need extra support. Simply wrap the plant tie around the plant and post, stake, or trellis. Then simply press to secure...

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