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History of VELCRO®

The Invention of VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop

In1941, amateur Swiss mountaineer and naturalist George de Mestral was walking his dog when he was inspired to invent a new kind of fastening system that would change the world. Upon returning home from a stroll through the woods, he noticed that his pants and his dog's coat were full of burrs which had locked onto the strands of looped fabric and fur. Under microscopic scrutiny George saw in that tangled mess an alternative to fussy zippers, buttons and nails, and in 1955 he patented a fastening systembased on the burdock burr. He combined the french words velour and crochet to name his exciting new invention: VELCRO.

Today VELCRO® Brand products can be found in virtually every industry. VELCRO® Brand is the gold standard in hook and loop fasteners, and FASTENation is proud to be a leading supplier and platinum preferred converter of VELCRO® Brand products. View our compete line of VELCRO® Brand products or learn more about the history of this revolutionary fastener below.