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History of Glue Dots®

The History of Glue Dots® Adhesive Fasteners

Invented by John Downs in 1997, Glue Dots® were the first product of their kind in the adhesives industry. The revolutionary adhesive dots offered customers an instant bonding alternative to tapes and glues, and after initial success in industrial markets the company expanded into the consumer marketplace. In 1999, the company was acquired by Ellsworth Adhesive Company to facilitate expansion and increase distribution. Glue Dots International is now headquartered in Germantown, Wisconsin with manufacturing facilities in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Asia and holds numerous patents and trademarks, including established signature brands; Glue Dots®, Glue Lines®, Glue Squares®, Glue Shapes®, Double Dots®, EconoDot®, Dot Shot® Pro, and MatrX®.

FASTENation offers several Glue Dots® products for both industrial and consumer customers. View our compete line of Glue Dots® products or learn more about the history of Glue Dots® below.