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History of 3M

The History of 3M

In 1902, the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company began digging in the hills on Minnesota for corundum, which was actually a low-grade mineral called anorthosite. The mining operation failed, but the company reinvented itself by creating a series of new and innovative products based on scientific and mathmatical discoveries. 3M, as the company was legally renamed in 2002, is credited with the invention of such diverse products as abrasive cloth, masking tape, hypoallergenic tape, Thinsulate™, Fluorel™ Elastomer, Post-It™ Notes, Dual Lock™, and more.

Today 3M is a giant in the industry, with over $30 billion in sales, over 100,000 patents, and offices all over the world. FASTENation sells and converts a broad range of 3M products, including Dual Lock™ fasteners, Command™ products, and VHB™ adhesive tapes.. View our compete line of 3M products or learn more about the history of 3M below.