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General Inquiries

What is the return policy on a product that has been used but didn't suit my needs?

If you need to return VELCRO® Brand Fasteners or any other product to FASTENation, Inc. whether you’ve used them or not, please get in touch with us first to make sure we can accept returns on your items. You can email our team at or call 800-876-9922 to speak to our returns specialists.

In addition to pre-authorization from FASTENation, all returns must be mailed within 10 days of receipt and will include a 15% restocking fee. Unfortunately, we can’t accept returns on custom converted items or special orders. Click here to read our full policy on shipping and returns.

What's the Difference Between Hook and Loop Tape?

Hook and loop tape is a strong, reliable, and cost-effective fastener system—but what’s the difference between the two sides of the fasteners, and how do they work? Have you ever taken a walk in tall grass and come home with burrs clinging to your clothes? That happens because the burrs are covered in tiny hooks that latch on to the tiny “loops” used to weave the cloth. Hook and loop fasteners work on the same principle:

  • The hooks are just what they sound like—many hundreds or thousands of tiny hooks that form one half of the closure. Although the hooks are typically too small to be easily seen by the naked eye, you can identify this side by its more rigid and bristly texture. The hook side forms the “giving” end of the fastener.
  • The loops are the hooks’ opposite—tiny loops of fiber designed to be caught and latched onto by the hooks. You can identify this side by its softer and fuzzier texture. The loop side forms the “receiving” end of the fastener.

The takeaway? Each side is necessary for a functioning hook and loop closure. Thus, make sure that when you order hook and loop tape, you get a set of hooks to match each set of loops. FASTENation has both types available for all of our hook and loop tapes — just choose which side you want from the drop-down menu when you’re ordering.

How do we order VELCRO® Brand Fasteners?

Hook and loop fasteners are sold on separate rolls, each with 25 yards. Pricing in our sales brochure is per yard. If your project calls for only hook or loop it can be purchased separately. Hook and loop is also available as pre-cut coins/circles. Hook or loop coins are sold on separate rolls and are available in a variety of diameters and adhesives.

Diameter/Size Quantity Per Roll











1 3/8"


1 7/8"



What if my project calls for a specific size of hook or loop?

FASTENation, Inc. will be happy to cut any width material to your exact measurements. If the hook & loop materials are to be cut to the same size, we can cut and mate the two together to assist in decreasing assembly time. The yield for cut pieces is equivalent to a full roll of material (25 yds = 900 inches) divided by the length you specify (for standard straight cut pieces only). We are able to custom die cut special shapes and/or sizes to your exact specifications.

How do we decide which adhesive will work best for our project?

To choose the most appropriate type of adhesive tape for your project, you’ll need to consider several different factors:

  • Bonding Method: First, decide which bonding method your application needs. Will you use hook and loop fastener tape or a double-sided adhesive tape? Each has its own advantages—hook and loop fasteners are reclosable and reusable, while high-bond adhesive tape is desirable when you want a permanent bond.
  • Materials to Bond: All of our adhesive tapes have adhesive backing that makes them great for bonding specific materials. FADC385 tape, for example, is specifically designed for permanently bonding low surface energy substrates such as polyethylene. Our SUMMIT® FalconTape®, meanwhile, is a great general-purpose tape that bonds many different types of substrates.
  • Application Method: For everyday household applications, pressure sensitive adhesive tapes are a great choice because they’re simple and easy to use. If you’re using adhesive tape for manufacturing, consider your production capabilities and needs, then choose your application method accordingly:
      • Pressure sensitive
      • Heat activated
      • Solvent activated
      • RF welding
      • Ultrasonic welding
  • Environmental Resistance: We have a range of tapes available that are highly resistant to different environmental conditions. To decide which tape you need, consider first whether your tape will need to be rated for outdoor performance or if it will be for an indoor application. Then, think about which of the following your application may involve specifically, and choose a tape from our selection that fits your needs:
      • UV radiation
      • Moisture and precipitation
      • Extreme heat or cold
      • Harsh chemicals such as solvents
      • Use over a long period of years or even decades
  • Removal Method: If there’s a high chance you’ll need to remove the tape at some point, make sure to consider this as a factor. Some tapes, such as our SilverTape™ 5108, are designed to be removable, while others are permanent.

For more information on the adhesive available for our VELCRO® Brand products, check out the complete guide to VELCRO® Brand Adhesives. And, if you need more assistance with choosing the right adhesive, our expert staff will be glad to help.

Are there standard size straps or can I order the exact size I need?

You’ll be glad to know that FASTENation offers both die-cut straps and custom VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tape and that you can easily order both through our website. Best of all, you won’t need to order separate hook and loop sides, since VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® features a double-sided design with hooks on one side and loops on the other, designed to wrap around and fasten itself.

VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Straps come in a range of eight sizes and eight colors. Sizes start at 3/4" x 5" and go all the way up to 1-3/4" x 24". For enhanced convenience and simplicity, VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tape is available in 25-yard rolls and 5-yard mini rolls, with or without easy-tear perforations.

If you’d like to order a customized straps we’ll be happy to fabricate them for you. We use our standard high-quality VELCRO® Hook and Loop material to give you the straps and configurations you want. Options include:

  • Custom length
  • Custom width
  • Plastic or metal buckles
  • Printing
  • Grommets
  • Straight stitch, box stitch, or ultrasonic weld
  • Other special features

To get started by looking at your options in-depth, you can contact us for a free strap sample that will help you choose the best option.


How quickly will a quotation request be answered?

Quotes for custom cut pieces or straps are answered within an hour or two from when it is received. If there are any questions about a quotation request, a customer sales representative will contact you to clarify the details.

How quickly will my order be shipped?

We take pride in getting our customers their orders quickly and efficiently. Your shipping speed will depend on what you order:

  • Thanks to our large inventory of fasteners, most stock items like VELCRO® Brand fasteners and tape products are shipped on the same business day that we receive the order.
  • Custom cut or cut and mated pieces will usually ship within one to three business days of receiving the order.
  • Custom straps can vary in turnaround time depending on materials and specs. When you place your order, FASTENation will provide a quote for approximately how long it will take to fabricate and ship the straps.

We ship orders via UPS Ground and insure them for their full value. If you need a faster shipping method, you can specify one when you place your order. For very large orders, we’ll be happy to ship in partial shipments at your request.

How do I choose the correct hook and loop for my application?

We have many different types of hook and loop tape available, so make sure to take the time to find the one that’s just right for your needs. There are four key factors you should think about when choosing your hook and loop fastener:

  • Closure Strength: This is a combination of several different factors that tell you how the fasteners respond to certain kinds of stress. These include shear, peel, and tension, and each of which refers to a different kind of force that might be exerted on the fastener.
  • Cycle Life: This refers to approximately how many times the fastener can be opened and re-closed without wearing out. Fasteners for clothing, for example, are high-cycle fasteners because they must be reusable over and over again.
  • Adhesive Type: Our hook and loop fasteners are available with many different types of adhesive backing. Whether it’s the simplicity of pressure sensitive adhesives or the ultra-tough performance of solvent or heat activated adhesives, each type is suited to different applications.
  • Material Type: We also sell hook and loop fasteners in a wide variety of material types. Classic woven fasteners are still popular and effective, while innovations like HTH (high-tech hooks) have brought a highly customizable technology to the table.

Consider each category and ask yourself what your hook and loop fastener will need to stand up to for your application. On our blog, we’ve also got a detailed dive into choosing a hook and loop type that goes into more depth on each aspect. And, if you’d like to chat with someone, don’t hesitate to contact us—our staff is always happy to help if you’ve got questions about our fasteners.

Can hook and loop be washed?

Ease of care is one big advantage of using hook and loop fasteners. Clothing or other pieces with VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop Tape and other VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners attached can be washed using standard methods such as machine washing and dry cleaning. However, take the following into consideration when cleaning anything with VELCRO® Brand fasteners:

  • Do not machine wash VELCRO® Brand fasteners on hot temperatures.
  • Do not use bleach when washing VELCRO® Brand fasteners.
  • Always make sure hook and loop fasteners are closed when you wash them.

By following these tips, you’ll help ensure that your fasteners maintain their hold for their full lifespan.

Are Certain Hook and Loop Products Better for Outdoor Use Than Others?

Some hook and loop fasteners are designed for outdoor use and some aren’t. Fasteners that will spend a lot of time outdoors need to be made with more durable adhesives that resist common outdoor conditions such as rain and extreme temperatures. Thus, when you’re choosing a fastener for an outdoor application, make sure to examine its description to verify that it’s rated for outdoor applications.

FASTENation offers many models of hook and loop fasteners that are designed specifically to be used outdoors. Our range of VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop Tape options includes several models rated for outdoor applications, such as VELCRO® Brand Extreme On A Roll and VELCRO® Brand Industrial Strength On A Roll. We may also offer a model designed for your specific outdoor use like our VELCRO® Brand Garden Ties, so make sure to check out our full range of VELCRO® Brand fasteners.

How do I remove adhesive residue on a surface?

The best method to remove any adhesive residue is to use either a citrus based cleaner or rubbing alcohol. It is recommended that you read the cleaner's instructions carefully first and test the surface with the cleaners or alcohol to determine its effects on the surface before use.

Are certain VELCRO® Brand fasteners stretchable?

If you’re looking for stretchable and flexible VELCRO® Brand fasteners, FASTENation offers two stretchable elastic loop models: the VELCRO® Brand VELSTRETCH® and VELCRO® Brand Loop 152. Either of these can be a great option when you need stretchable, high-performance fasteners. Their major features and differences include:

  • VELCRO® Brand VELSTRETCH® is widely used in many different industries that require elastic loop products. Its elongation, or maximum stretch compared to its unstretched length, is around 55 percent. Its soft woven edge makes it less abrasive and more comfortable for use in apparel and medical products.
  • VELCRO® Brand Loop 152 is ideal for single patient use or disposal medical applications. It has an extreme elongation of up to 95 percent and is an exceptionally cost-effective option.

Who invented hook and loop or VELCRO® Brand fasteners?

VELCRO® Brand Fasteners were originally invented by a Swiss engineer named George de Mestral. Coming home from a hiking trip with his dog in the Alps, he saw that the dog’s fur was full of burs He became curious about how burs attached to an animal’s fur and discovered that they used a system of tiny hooks that would catch on “loops” such as animal fur or fabric. De Mestral decided to create a material that could be used as a reclosable fastener based on the hook and loop concept.

After years of work, he finally perfected and patented his invention: VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop Fasteners, a combination of the words “velour” and “crochet.” Today, the technology is in use around the world, in everything from electronics cable bundling to automotive applications. It’s available in many forms, from VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop Tape to ultra-strong VELCRO® Brand Industrial Strength. The common theme: They’re all made using genuine VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop Fasteners—still the original, and the best. Curious about the full story? Read more about the history of VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop!

Hospitality/Staging/Event Production Inquiries

What is the difference between a Table Skirting Clip and a Table Cloth Clip?

When you’re dressing the table at a service establishment or putting on an event, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve got the correct table skirting clips and table cloth clips on hand. What’s the difference, you might ask? 

  • A table skirting clip is a plastic clip with the hook end of a hook and loop fastener on its outer side to attach the skirting to the table’s edges. Most table skirting comes with loop pieces sewn into its upper edge. Thus, the clips are used like this:
      • Step One: Put the table topper on the table’s surface.
      • Step Two: Place the hooked skirting clips on the table’s edges (over the table topper) and attach the skirt to the table using the corresponding loop pieces on the skirt.
  • A table cloth clip, on the other hand, uses its clipping action to attach a tablecloth directly to the table. These clips are usually used for outdoor events to prevent tablecloths from being blown off tables by the wind.

FASTENation sells both table skirting and table cloth clips in economy sizes that will help you make sure you’ve always got the right clip on hand. Our table skirting clips use genuine VELCRO® Brand hook fasteners to make sure that table skirts stay securely in place, and the clips are made of durable plastic that stands up to repeated use.

How Do I Determine Which Table Skirting Clip or Table Cloth Clip Is Best for My Table?

Whether you’re decorating for a wedding or preparing for a trade show event, carefully arranged decorations are key. While there are many table skirting and table cloth options to choose from, it’s important that both are fastened or clipped down appropriately to keep everything in place. If you’re unsure of which clip is right for your task, just follow these simple steps to what will work best. 

  1. Determine whether you need a table skirt clip or table cloth clip. (See “What is the difference between a table skirting clip and a table cloth clip?” above.)
  2. Measure the table’s thickness.
  3. Choose the appropriate clip based on its listed size. For instance: For tables up to 2 inches thick, such as standard LIFETIME® Plastic Folding Tables, we recommend the Super Multi-Clip® Table Cloth Clips.
  4. Decide whether you need additional table cloth accessories such as overlap and valance clips or table skirt hangers.

If you need more information, please contact one of our knowledgeable FASTENation representatives.

How many Table Skirting Clips or Table Cloth Clips are needed per table?

We recommend using 1 clip per foot (12 inches) of table skirting or table cloth.

What size table skirt does the EZ-Hanger® System hold?

The EZ-Hanger® can accommodate table skirt sizes from 6ft. to 30ft. in length

Foam Tape Inquiries

How do I know which SilverTape® to use for my application?

To decide which kind of SilverTape® Acrylic Tape is best for you, use our SilverTape™ Adhesive Substrate Guide. Find the substrates you need to bond on each side of the chart, and then line them up to find the models of SilverTape(TM) that will offer the best performance.

For more information, be sure to check each model’s individual specs listed on its information page. This information includes key data points such as the adhesive’s minimum and maximum temperature range, shear strength, tensile strength, and more. If you’ve got more questions, our adhesive experts will be happy to help. You can call us at (800) 876-9922 or email your specific questions to

What widths are the SilverTape® products offered in?

The Clear SilverTape® products (5305 & 5310) are offered in widths from ¼” to 19”, and our other products (White, Gray & Black) are offered from ¼” x 35”. Most of these products come standard in 36 yard lengths.

Do you offer any tapes that are designed for LSE (low surface energy) substrates?

Bonding LSE (low surface energy) substrates (such as silicone, some plastics, and ceramics) can be a challenging task. Traditional adhesive tapes, even high bond ones, often aren’t effective on materials with low surface energy. Thus, we’ve heard from many customers who need a high bond tape capable of doing the job, and we’re proud to offer some great options.

FASTENation recommends SilverTape™ 6411 acrylic high-bond tape for use with low surface energy substrates. This tape is specially designed with an LSE adhesive for durable bonding, and it’s got the great features you’ll find in most high bond tape, such as:

  • Forms a permanent and highly durable bond
  • Resistance to wind, water, solvents, and UV radiation
  • Short-term resistance to temperatures down to -40ºF and up to 248ºF
  • High peel and shear strength

For those looking for another option, 3M™ VHB™ Tape 5952 is another high bond tape designed to offer great bonding on LSE substrates. Both of these tapes can be custom converted upon request!

Which tapes are designed for outdoor use?

If you’re considering using fastener tape for your outdoor application, you’re probably wondering which tapes are rated to stand up to the elements. FASTENation offers numerous adhesive tapes for outdoor performance. Some of our most popular include:

  • FalconTape® is an aggressive acrylic adhesive tape with high-tack, high-shear performance. It features exceptional resistance to UV rays, water vapor, high and low temperatures, and other common outdoor hazards. FalconTape® is great for bonding dissimilar materials, mounting outdoor signage, and much more.
  • FADC385 is another high-performance tape that has the UV, temperature, and water resistance to make it suitable for outdoor conditions. This tape is an especially good choice for bonding low surface energy (LSE) substrates such as polyethylene and polypropylene.
  • FADC780 is an ideal choice for environments where excellent environmental and chemical resistance is needed. Great for a variety of high and medium energy substrates such as metal, textiles, and films.
  • 3M™ VHB Tapes provide indoor/outdoor performance and a bond that’s powerful enough for the most demanding industries like construction and transportation. When you want a long-term bond with an ultra-tight grip, VHB tape is a great choice.
  • VELCRO® Brand Industrial Strength Hook and Loop Tape offers another great fastener solution when you need removable and reclosable indoor/outdoor performance. This pressure-sensitive adhesive-backed tape will bond easily to many different smooth surfaces and is water-resistant.

Keep in mind that FASTENation can custom convert many tape products by slitting to your preferred width and/or using custom laminations. On top of that, most tapes can be ordered in various roll sizes and quantities—so it’s easy to find the perfect outdoor-rated tape solution for you. To find out more about our options, just contact us for more information!

Do you offer foam tapes in various levels of tack?

For our customers interested in foam tapes, we offer the FASTENfoam® adhesive foam tape line in two different thicknesses to meet your needs. We have both 1/16 inch and 1/32 inch thicknesses. We also offer these tapes with three different adhesive configurations:

These tapes are easy to use, thanks to their pressure-sensitive design, and they’re great for applications such as powder-coated and fabricated metals, HVAC gasketing, window glazing, and poster or sign adhesion. Contact us for more information on how to use these versatile and powerful tapes.

What widths are the FASTENfoam® products offered in?

The FASTENfoam® products can be slit to widths ranging from ½” to 60”, with roll lengths of 216 ft.

What are typical applications for FASTENfoam® tapes?

FASTENfoam® Pressure Sensitive tape products have a wide range of uses thanks to their strong bond and easy to apply adhesive. Some of the most common ways that our customers use these tapes include:

  • Point-of-purchase displays
  • Visual merchandising
  • Signage mounting
  • Poster mounting
  • Graphics and art displays
  • Home and workspace decoration

To find out more about FASTENfoam® adhesive foam tape and whether it’s right for your application, give our experts a call at 1 (800) 876-9922 or contact us online with your questions.

5S Inquiries

What is 5S methodology?

5S methodology is a process used across many different industries for achieving excellence. The process is divided into five steps:

  1. Sort: Create groups and evaluate how they’re currently organized.
  2. Set in Order: Create an organization system that improves workflow and promotes safety and efficiency.
  3. Shine: Clean, polish, and make small tweaks to optimize the workplace and make it look great.
  4. Standardize: Create guidelines and systems that help your team implement procedures consistently.
  5. Sustain: Maintain thorough training procedures and develop a culture of excellence and accountability that keeps the system in place.

For more information on 5S, check out our quick guide to 5S methodology. FASTENation also offers 5S products to help you nail all the little details of workplace optimization.

How can FASTENation® help me achieve and maintain 5S organization?

FASTENation offers a full range of 5S products to help you implement 5S methodology and create a smarter, more organized workplace. From cable wraps to pallet straps, we offer complete 5S fastener solutions.

SilverTape® Guide

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