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EZ Wrap Products

EZ Wrap ‘n Go and EZ Wrap 'n Stor straps make storage and transport quick and easy.  The straps contain a reinforced grommet for hanging the cords or hoses on a wall peg, and a separate buckle for attaching the EZ Wrap Handle, which facilitates carrying and transporting materials. 


  • EZ Wrap 'n Stor™ System

    EZ Wrap 'n Stor™ System

    EZ Wrap 'n Stor™ System makes storage quick and easy!  The strap is produced out of outdoor rated VELCRO® Brand polyester fasteners, allowing for simple wrapping and management of cables, hoses, or other coiled material. The strap contains...

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  • EZ Wrap 'n Go™ System EZ Wrap 'n Go™ Handle

    EZ Wrap 'n Go™ System

    EZ Wrap 'n Go™ System is our latest cable management tool featuring a handle for easy transport and an adjustable strap for securely cinching coiled or bundled materials and a quick release buckle for removal. The strap contains a reinforced...

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  • EZ Wrap 'n Go™ Handle EZ Wrap 'n Stor™ Straps - Long

    EZ Wrap Accessories

    EZ Wrap Accessories can be used interchangeably with the EZ Wrap n' Go and EZ Wrap 'n Stor straps. EZ Wrap Handle can be easily clipped onto EZ Wrap straps for quickly transporting your materials. 60 mm Carabiner* can be used with the EZ Wrap System for...

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